Songs of Remembrance

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Songs of Remembrance


"First vinyl edition of a bloody beautiful 2-part album suite by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, capturing a series of crack’d, stain’d sonic snapshots taken by the diehard romantic at Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in winter 2013, and originally issued on tape by Baro Records in a limited run in 2014.

Now raked up by NYC’s Pre-Echo Press for a necessary vinyl release, Jefre’s heart-rending collection of wilting motifs and knotted tape whorls courses with a similar sort of magick to his much loved A Year With 13 Moons, dredging up 21 sore but sublime sound pictures and tiling them in a mosaic of fragmented memories cemented by still burning emotions and plasmic fuzz.

Interrelated to Songs of Forgiveness but essentially its inverse (and vice-versa), this set finds your humble protagonist at his most lushly synaesthetic and slow motion, twisting thru a kaleidoscopic array of mineralised melodies and smudged harmonic colours riddled by a thread of logic that connects the whole set like mushroom mycelium, luring us in with crumb trails of shoegaze and screwed yacht rock kisses, only to dissolve each step behind into the aether and leaving us happily stranded in his ferric mists.  

In possibly the highest bit of praise we could bestow, it’s the kind of record that you almost crave to hear in altered states - whether as a come-down from hard day at work, or a hard night at play - offering the kind of comfort blanket that we could happily fall headlong for and blissfully soak up at any given time."

-Text from Boomkat

500 copies

150 gram vinyl

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